October 20th

I was watching a young girl on Jeremy Kyle talking about how she was physically beaten by her boyfriend. I started to recall when I was trapped in a relationship that I thought was normal but it was very far from it. Relationships should not be one person worrying and wondering what humour the other will be in today or cutting yourself off from your friends and family because of a partner. I was lucky that I had someone who seen all the signs and literally took me by the hand to the doctor. I was like a little child broken and wasted away by mental abuse. Now if I think a friend is in an unhealthy relationship I will keep on and on and on at them till they see the light. Mental abuse leaves scars too.


October 19th

I recently was asked to do a photoshoot with Donegals own Emerald Guitars that are made locally in Convoy, Co.Donegal. We shot the photographs at Gartan Lake where i live and then in Voodoos House Wine bar in Letterkenny.  I want to thank Alan McLaughlin for the brilliant and professional job he done and Emerald Guitars for asking me.

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Sept 11th

One of the main highlights of this year was getting to write a song that was one of the most emotional songs I ever have written.As we progress on our journey through life we meet new people and sometimes there’s a specific reason. A year ago I met Michael while I was singing in the Beachcomber Bar in Rathmullan. I discovered after a few weeks of conversations that He had a wonderful story to tell. He has had renal failure most of his life and was on dialysis for over 15 yrs.With prospects of a transplant diminishing his 3 sons offered to donate him a kidney. After rigorous testing his son Cain aged 23 gave him a kidney. A selfless act of love that saved his dad’s life. This truly is a miracle known as the gift of life.
As Cain was marrying in Rathmullan the following July, Michael asked me if I would compose a song and sing it to him on his wedding day as a thank you for giving him the gift of life. Here is a video of that moment. I am going to record a rewritten version of this very soon. Please feel free to share with your friends.Here is how the song went.



Sept 11th

Im back in the recording studio again. With the mastermind that is Jospeh Gibson and Tommy Conway in full tilt recording studios in Letterkenny. Songs soon I promise.

11202853_1618483245087936_4846524810307909167_n 11898592_10205888773871540_5121089878048835872_n


Sept 11th

I look forward to performing at The Rothar Sessions in Dublin on the 25th of this month.



Sept 10th

I had written a special song for the Cathedral Quarter in Letterkenny and recorded with Terry Mc Ginty at Valley Studios in Ballybofey. WE had a great day at Heritage streets alive on the Church Lane and i got to perform the song. Here is a video of a sneak peak of what a wonderful day was had. A special tanks to Amanda Clarke on organizing such an amazing morning.


I was recently on Dublin South FM talking about what i am up to in music at the minute and my future plans.

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I Finally got the pictures from my support gig to The The Henry Girls in Monroes in Galway  last year.                     IMG_1960IMG_1989IMG_2000IMG_2005IMG_2010IMG_2017IMG_2041IMG_2044IMG_2046IMG_2074


I dream of owning my very own Gibson guitar…..

me and a gibson guitar



July Festival Time The Churchill Fair Sunday 19th I will be on stage

 churchill Fair Flyer


June 22nd 


I will be on The Paul Mc Devitt Show on Highland Radio on the 29th June . Tune In !!!!

Highland Radio


June 22nd

Confirmation just in. I will be playing at The Rothar Sessions in Dublin on the 25th of September this year.

June 21rst

I finally got to play In Mc Ginleys Bar in Letterkenny along with the incredible Callum Keaveny. Have a look at his music like page on facebook.


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June 13th

I performed some songs for Charity in association with Ulster bank today. Such a days crack. I even did a wee spin on the bike for a while.

11232118_1597753273827600_2200647433115807990_n  11401176_1597753213827606_738845205680818536_n

June 10th 

I was in Dunfanaghy to day and got to speak to Ryan Tubridy about the song I wrote for the Wild Atlantic Way ” My Donegal “. I also met up The Henry girls who I supported in Monroes, Galway last year . I gave Ryan a copy of my CD but on returning home I realized I had gave him a Beatles album instead. Here is a clip of my interview.

11390555_1596164327319828_2434778445209049311_n  11401364_1596153673987560_6175873594917041042_n

June 8th 

Performed some songs at the Square in Letterkenny in association with Bank Of Ireland for to raise money for St.Vincent De Paul and The Big Blue Box. Callum Keaveny also performed on the day.

10882166_1595653234037604_7968886759441818005_n   11392811_1595930237343237_7106654446300353229_n11012914_1598837177052543_3736144756738803378_n

April 18th 

I had the please of performing some original songs in ArtCo  Gallery for an exhibition. Maciej Wysocki

11009865_1577343189201942_6294719177567135771_n      10385288_1577631095839818_7861710607615130651_n

January 26th

Delighted to announce the name of my new band…Pangea

Excited about the band would be an understatement

January 14th

My performance on Róisín on TG4 was aired on Mon 12th at 8pm. Here is the link to the upload in You Tube.

January 14th

Happy New Year everyone..I had a wonderful Christmas with my son and family. Played a lot of gigs over the festive season as well.

Dec 14th

Myself , Paul Mc Gill and Amanda Clarke wrote this song about The Church Lane in Letterkenny. I will be recording it to raise and giving it to The Save The Church Lane committee to raise money.

Dec 14th

I am privileged to be working with very talented musicians as we practice as a band. We had our first performance at The Green Room at a fundraiser for Save The Church Lane  . Mark Black and Friends. Here is a few photos from the night and links to You Tube for some of the songs we performed.

Tony Lawrence : Lead Guitar

Paul Mc Gill : Bass Guitar

Alec Mc Ginley : Lead Guitar

Sandy Aitken : Drums

10393955_1512591032354744_1656675177105129588_n10403634_829332897110616_1584823590862292371_nMyself and The wonderful Karen kelly Myself and the wonderful Karen Kelly who also performed on the night.


Dec 4th

Played support the The Henry Girls in Monroes in Galway.Will be adding photos as soon as I get them.


Nov 20th

Got the opportunity to sing in Bank of Ireland this past Friday and Monday for ” Pop Up Business” Great fun.

10816011_10152572810368212_491947478_n  10807099_10152572809708212_751587456_n 10808302_10152572806033212_569818272_n


Nov 10th

Sitting here on this dismal Monday evening in my kitchen reflecting back on what was a truly amazing weekend for me.  Friday morning began for me in the TG4 studios, filming for the Roisin Show. Friday night my gig in the Oasis Bar ,Leterkenny. Saturday morning providing the wedding cermony music for a lovely Drumkeen couple followed by singin at the Radison Blue Hotel ,Letterkenny for the drinks reception. Saturday night’s gig was in The Dry Arch bar, Letterkenny a place that I used to work as a bartender over 12 years ago to Sunday evening my resident gig in The Beachcomber Bar, Rathmullan..One could say I was busy alright !!!


Oct 21rst 2014

Im So excited to present to you the mastered ” My Donegal” recorded in Valley Music Studios with the wonderful Terry McGinty .Thanks also to James Cullen for his work on this song.


Maria Mc Cormack was selected as one of the Three winners of the recent competition in association the Regional Cultural Centre, The Donegal News and Donegal County Council Arts Service, DNK Music and Sound Production DNK Music and Sound Production. As one of the winners Maria got to record one of her own songs with live sound and video.

DNK recording 20th Sept

Maria Played support for Eoin Glackin in Voodoos- Green Room Live Music Venue on Fri 20th Sept

Sept 20th 2014 Green Room Live music Venue, Letterkenny playing support for Eoin Glackin

Sept 20th 2014 Green Room Live music Venue, Letterkenny playing support for Eoin Glackin